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AOKANG won the title of "China shoes capital first stock" donated by China Light Industry federation. In May 5th, "thank you all the way there", AOKANG International (603001) listed appreciation reception held in Howard Johnson Onehome Hotel Wenzhou. Chinese Light Industry Association, honorary president Chen Shineng attended the reception, and to send the international AOKANG chairman Wang Zhentao personally wrote the "Chinese shoes first" plaque, meaning AOKANG listed sounded China shoe "to enter the capital market.
It is reported that in April 26th
, AOKANG international officially landed the Shanghai A shares, Zhejiang Province as the first listed company of leather shoes, the good fundamentals by investors attention and favorable stock market performance is good, stable stock prices. A plaque after the ceremony, Chen Shineng said, Wenzhou financial reform is like a raging fire, the local government also introduced a number of rules, in this context, AOKANG listed not only on behalf of AOKANG development to a new level, more representative of "China shoe" ushered in a new opportunity, began a a new journey.

Chen Shineng said ten years ago. He is personally awarded "Wenzhou Chinese shoes" title, the Chinese shoes have thousands of shoe enterprises, is the pillar industry of the local government of Wenzhou, the emergence of a AOKANG and a number of well-known brand shoes and leather shoes king "Chinese leading". AOKANG international is China's first shoe capital, I believe in the future will be China shoes capital more enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading to play an example role, the future of the stock market will usher in "China Shoes Capital" plate.

is the first unit of the AOKANG China shoes, how to better undertake the responsibility and obligation of a listed company in the future development, Wang Zhentao said in his speech, AOKANG will be based on the capital to be listed as an opportunity, and stronger industry, rooted in China international, and resolutely fulfill a public the company's obligations, do a more responsible enterprise. In the future, AOKANG will be committed to become a respected enterprise, boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, benefit customers and employees of enterprises, and actively return to society enterprises.

a symbol of pure love double crystal shoes as a gift for Sheenah, as their wedding gift
1st Anniversary
on the day of the dinner, a pair of AOKANG Italy designers carefully designed lasted a month, with 3214 SWAROVSKI crystals, 100 thousand yuan worth of blue crystal shoes, in front of all the guests were unveiled. Then Wang Zhentao took the stage and handed the pair of valuable, pure, symbolic crystals to Zhang Jie, one of the happy family members, as Sheenah's 1st anniversary wedding anniversary gift. Deeply surprised Sheenah, after the surprise moved to express, AOKANG too attentively, in this to her most important day for her meticulous custom crystal shoes, very happy, very touched. She feels very happy to be the spokesperson for AOKANG shoes.


venue also has free Tacos and Corona. School team that day attracted many heavyweights to pay tribute, including Dr. Romanelli, Edison Edison Chan, Undefeated Eddie Cruz et al. The party more tidbits during this expansion, let us together the infection lively
"Contemporary Agam" 4200K the Great Wall run challenges the miracle of "contemporary Agam" 4200K the Great Wall running challenge.

October 24th, XTEP's famous run limit, Jason from the United States? Leicester (Jason P., Lester) by continuous long distance running, has arrived in Tianjin Jixian County Huangyaguan the Great Wall. At this point, the entire 4200 km the Great Wall Jason will enter the countdown line run challenge.

Jason started running in August 8, 2014 and challenged the Ming the Great Wall with a total length of more than 4200 kilometers. The original plan was completed in 100 days, and ran a whole marathon on average every day. Jason a line from the westernmost of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, Gansu Province, Jiayuguan the Great Wall "the best in all the land of the pier" via Gansu, Ningxia, travel by day and rest by night, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning eight provinces, a road running along the the Great Wall, and Shanhaiguan in Hebei province will complete the final line of the old leader, the Great Wall. And from the current progress, Jason is likely to arrive more than ten days ahead of his expectation to create history.

a few years ago, across the 5713 km (5330 miles) Jason completed across the United States after the move, Jason decided to take the next challenge to put in the China: "as a child I already know China the Great Wall, childhood dream some day in the future to complete the feat traveled to the Great Wall."

three years ago, Jason began to prepare for funds and plan the route. This year, Jason set up a team of five people, including the leader, the runner, the driver, the chef and the Pathfinder. Because of the preservation of the the Great Wall is not the same, conditions landform is also different, take Jason as close as possible to the relics of the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty style, running through the high-speed road crossing, road, dirt road, also ran across Gobi, the Yellow River coast, gravel road. The lodging place has both the farm house, the chain hotel, the the Great Wall Beacon Tower, the open air and the mat. This road encountered bad weather, was chasing a dog bite, the legs are out of the smashed coal coal vehicle...... Even if it was a hard way, Jason always kept the original insistence and purity of the runner.
process was difficult, but Jason had a good harvest. In addition to an overview of the great desert and the remains of the Ming Dynasty along the way, the support of Chinese brands also brings another Oriental brand to this "the Great Wall Tour". In August 8th, a large foot measuring device appeared in a hotel in Jiayuguan. Its sponsor XTEP will customize the equipment for Jason, and help him accomplish the feat with the most comfortable and professional running shoes. According to the staff, running shoes are the main shock and rebound assistance to ensure that Jason avoids the injury in the bad environment to the maximum extent. It is revealed that the running shoes will be officially launched in early 2015.

"the Great Wall run makes me closer to China, and I know more about myself." Jason said in the face of the line segment, the upcoming: "don't think too much, just run, I want to make history where the best in all the land."
"contemporary Agam" 4200K the Great Wall run the challenge of a miracle.

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