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industrial development can not follow the beaten track, in the new period, but also to model innovation, scientific innovation. AOKANG will innovate its industrial development model and build a "service oriented" enterprise strategy." In March 15th, AOKANG chairman Wang Zhentao with company executives with excellent strategic consulting agency, Shanghai flourishing vision enterprise management scientific research team jointly opened the crystal ball, this marks the AOKANG formal planning development strategy for the realization of "ten years" escort, also is the model innovation of AOKANG in order to better adhere to the footwear industry.

industry is fundamental, and strengthening the real economy has become the theme of "12th Five-Year" development. Also, an important period of strategic opportunities for the next ten years is in the process of the development of private enterprises in Wenzhou, and AOKANG in the entity model transformation and industrial upgrading is the first step: through strategic integration, research and development, production, marketing transformation upgrade transformation, efficient management, become a resource-saving and environment-friendly, high value-added and sustainable development the modern global enterprises from the development of traditional manufacturing enterprises; enhance shareholder trust, strong customer loyalty, improve employee well-being, cohesion and sense of achievement, to achieve the company "established ten years" goal.

"through the analysis and analysis of the management, operation and culture of AOKANG, the strategic positioning we put forward for AOKANG is' integrated service operators'. In the following we will cooperate in two main directions of efficient integration of all aspects of system flow and back-end design, manufacturing, supply and distribution from the front end of the auxiliary AOKANG internal construction of learning organization to realize the transformation of the company's overall business model and management mode, which will make AOKANG modern service enterprises." Lin Jianan, chief expert of Shanghai vision Enterprise Management Science Research Institute, expounded the overall strategy of the strategy at the launching ceremony.

launch ceremony, Wang Zhentao said: "the development of enterprises has not simply rely on product profit can be maintained for a long time, high intensive market competition requires the traditional manufacturing enterprises must expand the enterprise profit model, and seek the overall industrial upgrading is the ultimate way out." The footwear industry upgrading is to change the past limited to "sell products" short-term profit model, in ensuring the quality of products based on the full range of improving service quality, so that enterprises can better reflect the competitive differentiation, create profits and customer lock-in.

stick to the footwear industry was not immutable and frozen the sticking, now AOKANG is in need of such a comprehensive strategic plan to clarify the development of ideas, services and integration of Shanghai flourishing vision advocate in the process of formulating plans for the development of enterprises in the concept and the beginning of this year we started in Congress "put forward to create value integration the development of ideas to create services, agree without prior without previous consultation benefit"." Wang Zhentao said the "brain" of the choice is determined by the company considered, this cooperation will also create a "AOKANG gold ten years" new situation in the development direction.

it is reported that the strategic consulting project launched by AOKANG is already available

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