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[Zhejiang footwear Network - brand dynamics] business daily Dalian special telegram "hello", the subscriber you dial is located in Xinghai Square, Shahekou District, Dalian." When the reporter used mobile phone to try on the feet of a pair of AOKANG brand shoes, after dialing the phone, quickly received the text message. Recently, this can inform the wearer of the specific location of GPS positioning shoes appeared in Dalian.

according to the chairman of the Zhejiang AOKANG shoe Limited by Share Ltd Wang Zhentao introduction, this is the first domestic GPS positioning shoes AOKANG R & D, positioning system principle similar to the mobile phone, it is equipped with a special signal transmitting device in the sole, wear, can track the location, "GPS is mainly for the social function of shoes the elderly, the disabled and children's mental retardation, design and development. Don't worry about losing their shoes."

GPS functional shoes are based on GPS (Global Positioning System) and Internet of things technology. In the product development process, the smart chip group is implanted into the shoe structure, so that the shoes have the functions of positioning, tracking, real-time state return, etc.. The functional shoes installed with GPS chip can also be widely used in the individual needs of professional workers such as adventure, first aid, high-risk operation and so on." AOKANG's staff are full of confidence in the application prospect of GPS functional shoes.

Wang Zhentao said, by the end of 2007, China's first footwear enterprise comprehensive science and Technology Research Institute "AOKANG footwear science and Technology Research Institute" was founded. As of now, the Institute has the State Intellectual Property Office authorized 57 patents, these patents already in the golf shoes, the oxygen cycle air cushion shock breathable shoes, folding high-heeled shoes, 2008 Olympic etiquette shoes shoes use function. In 2010, AOKANG set up high-tech digital research and development base, so that enterprises from design development to product line, toward the 3D digital era, fully realize fast, digital, accurate.

it is understood that the GPS positioning shoes developed by AOKANG is only a small batch production, to meet the needs of some special consumers. (Zhejiang shoes network net editor)

Running speed promotion tips

in 2007, the World Championships were 10000 meters, and Bekele, the world record holder, ran the same speed with Mathathi at the same speed of nine kilometers. Bekele height 1.63 meters, the frequency of 190/ minutes. In the last mile sprint stage, his stride unchanged, the pace to improve to a staggering 216/ minutes, won the gold. Mathathi height 1.7 meters, the frequency is close to 200/ minutes in the final sprint stage, increased stride length, stride frequency decreased, maintain constant velocity (he later said no final acceleration is due to fatigue).

do not understand the stride frequency and stride pace, you can not go up forever!

the above case illustrates two points:

1, professional athletes have a high frequency of

2, according to the regulation of the frequency / stride rhythm, can improve the speed.

running speed frequency = stride, which is the speed formula is the most simple and crude. So, want to improve the matching speed, can improve or increase the frequency, stride length, or both. It seems very simple, but for the amateur runners, the two must be a weak, even more is that the two are not weak, high frequency, but also the lack of big stride.

for initial runners, it is recommended to start from small step high frequency to steadily improve the speed of distribution, increase the number of landing times, reduce the pressure of landing every time, and then gradually increase the pace, and it will run faster and faster. Do not avoid stride too large, because the disadvantages of excessive pace are obvious: obvious brakes, too long support time, significantly increase the transmission of vibration (easy to hurt the knee).

the main problem limiting the pace to improve the breath, because too fast pace will disturb the breath and disrupt their rhythm. The most important part of the running is the rhythm: the rhythm of the heart, the rhythm of breathing, the rhythm of the arm, the rhythm of the leg, etc. What kind of rhythm and cadence for their own, can not be generalized, the key depends on their physical quality and adaptability.

amateur runners, mostly left, without running training. One of the ways to improve the frequency, is gradually used to the rapid conversion, such as often some 200 meters, repeated sprint running, experience coordination force.

swing arm

hands and feet work together, and the arms are positively related to their legs, whether from frequency or swing. To improve the frequency cannot do without arm up, once the speed of swing arm, the pace will improve.
The correct key to the
arm is to loose the shoulder and swing back and forth, but the hand is only the middle line of the body. But want to accelerate the swing arm increasing the frequency, and the need to pay attention to the back after the control force of the muscles, or arm triceps push, pull back the speed of swing arm, not only increase the speed of swing forward.

speeds up the folding of the leg

running is >

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