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April Fool s Day, Barkley Marathons will be on stage once a year.
At the end of March
Tennessee Frozen Head State Park, in fact the spring here is not to. The trees were bare, the air is full of chill, but the camp a week ago has been a tent early efforts, on this Saturday, April Fool 's Day, Barkley Marathons will be on stage once a year.
Photo courtesy John Price
games have nearly, enthusiastic friends on the Internet for the players to quickly identify posted on the park and non venomous snake tips (if a snake, you can rest assured of being bitten, so as to achieve zero guilt DNF) also diligent training, local players volunteered to recommend the local the laundry is very reliable (mainly to provide a service, will not cause blockage accident such as washing machine).
Photo by Larry Kelley
is the thirty-second year since Barkley started. It is said that it is the most difficult cross-country race in the world. Some people say that it is not a match at all, and others say there is no trail at all.

has named Barry Barkley Laz is the organizer of the event Mr. farmer's old friend, Mr. farmer especially friendly, spare no effort to support the cause of Months and years pass by. Super Mario Laz, especially Everfount year after year on the grill chicken to provide for the players, in order to express the respect Laz to his name in the game.
Barkley himself has never appeared on Barkley.
Photo by Keith Dunn
Barkley track includes North (North Section), South (South Section) and New on the east side of the River three parts, the coordination process in 2006 and the State Environmental Protection Agency, the best scenic New River was forced to remove, some people can not tell the taste of the new stage to join in. Generally speaking, as long as the year has finished, second years track will increase the difficulty, but the area is roughly unchanged, but some new combinations and continued to plug in more perverted climb and thorns.

in the early stage of each circle will have a different route, now each ring fixed line did not change, but the fourth circle should follow the clockwise and counterclockwise - clockwise and counterclockwise direction, the fifth ring is optional, but if there is more than one of them, must each in the opposite direction, not an alliance. The other is not allowed to be allowed to not be allowed to wear GPS not to accept a recharge match without a road sign without a supply station without a view and no prize >


they are in a vibrant Tiantan ancient sky blue, they also run the 2015 Sina China group ran ten. In a few years, glory, running on them, or the original. An interview with Sina's ten best run group today takes you closer to the "running Utopian running Utopia" in the noisy city - Tiantan.

Saturday morning, the rain covered the whole city of Beijing. The reporter came to Tiantan Park and interviewed Tiantan. The thought of such weather will run the activities affected by this, the original Tianhai smiled and said: "we two times a week of activities regardless of the weather, only the PM2.5 value is greater than 250 of the time will cancel." The day's activities ended smoothly, and the sky sea began to tell the reporter the story of his running with Tiantan.
"the most important little thing" - running is to make work and life better
The story of
from the day of Haiyuan and process about running soon.
Unlike other people,
started with a "spectators": "I seldom run and play more. Until one year in North Malaysia, everywhere blocking the road, I saw a crowd of people in front of me ran in Zhongguancun, feel very interesting, so I began to try to run a marathon, in recent years to a lot of excellent domestic coaches and runners to consult, with "100 long." in order to improve the system of training, mastery, marathon performance and guide more people run better."

started his running career. He felt deeply that running had brought positive changes to his state and established his philosophy of running: "running is not the top priority. Work and life are our most important things. Running is not for running but in order to improve the state and make our work and life better. This thought has been throughout the day in the life of Haiyuan running, also after set up Tiantan music run set the tone.
runs in Tiantan
is not just running -- the harmony and unity of body movement and cultural identity

the day when he ran to the playground was boring. When he saw the Tiantan map released by runners, he shifted his running base to Tiantan park. With more and more people know the running process, recommend a variety of sports APP runners plus sky sea slowly originally scattered in the Tiantan park around the runners are organized, meet in Tiantan East small square under a tree running together, "prototype Tiantan music run" was born. And has grown so far. It is worth mentioning that the small tree on the East Gate small square of Tiantan has been strongly named "Tiantan running tree", which has been witnessing the growth of running group silently.

for the "Tiantan" of the site, in addition to runners and all the scenery of Tiantan, and with more consideration of the sky sea: as an important representative of Chinese traditional culture, Tiantan itself contains excellent historical and cultural traditions.

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