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2018 100 cross-country Youzhou
this is the
you expect
Guanting Reservoir

ancient beacon

alpine meadow

cattle and sheep group

green mountain continuous


the top of the mountains

Youzhou Canyon

one breath, understanding of nature of science.

step, experience the unity of body and soul.
The Tao of the
world needs to be realized,

the road of cross-country needs to be self - crossing.

I am 100
I'm here to wait for you

2017, the most beautiful child in North China Games - Super BMX trail are complete metamorphosis beautiful in spring and autumn, cross-country runners in the beautiful mountains, running across the reservoir, alpine meadow, the Great Wall, cliffs, valleys, ridges, village, Loess Plateau and other various scenery, technical route and changeable the track, rich also made a lot of running after the praise: "this is the real pure cross-country race!"

2017, we steadily, from 70 km to 100 km, from spring to autumn, two games down, let us have a more profound understanding and awareness of the 2018 game, we will carry out the new upgrade and optimization of the event, adding more thoughts and ideas, in order to bring you a better game experience.

event information

organizer: Austria Zhisheng (Beijing) Sports Development Co.,

guidance unit: government
of Guanting Town, Huailai County, Hebei
strategic partner: public art Town, Guanting

date: -20 May 19, 2018

, public art Town, Guanting, Huailai, Hebei
competition group:

closing time: undetermined

registration time: November 27, 2017 -2018, March 31st

event / registration fee / number limit:


1) full deadline, no draw;

2) 30-50 kilometre group players must pay 100 yuan deposit (time bracelet) when they get the collar, 100 yuan Group players need to pay 400 yuan deposit (time bracelet, GPS), return no damage after the game, refund the deposit.

02 event route (to be determined)

, the final location of the final line and supply station will be released before the competition. The line may be slightly adjusted and optimized. Accurate track segment information and GPS data will be pre competition.
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