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The old picture of last year.

is called the runners see mountain water oxygen wash to wash the eyes see the pandas, "2016 Chengdu double left marathon and fired from the last three days, as with the first connecting the world cultural heritage and World Natural Heritage marathon, March 27th, there will be thirty thousand people from all over the country and even overseas run friends are to realize their dream of running. In March 23rd, the WCC exclusive from the organizing committee got an informative, "big data are cover and contain everything". As the most fun marathon data in history, we were surprised to find a lot of "long run" small secrets.

1/3 are all provincial

high-profile 2016 Chengdu left double marathon will be held on March 27th in Dujiangyan run, because with the first connecting the world cultural heritage and World Natural Heritage track, Chengdu double left marathon is also known as the "most beautiful marathon", attracted from all over the world more than thirty thousand runners, all hope in this the environment in the sprint PB (personal best Personal Best).

then the question comes, which of the thirty thousand are the most people? The answer is in Sichuan Province, the largest number of applicants, reached 19808 people, there is a lot of is the best location in Chengdu run, as everyone knows, since the 1986 Chengdu marathon held after thirty years, as the fourth city of Chengdu has been running no large marathon, the Chengdu people are happy. Finally the dreams!

started a long run at the age of 31,

what are the main ages of the contestants? The result of the organizing committee's statistics is: 31-40 years old. Although all ages can be engaged in running, in the marathon game, not the younger more advantage, recently a group from the United States and Europe's top fitness trainer, data analysts, coaches and athletes through a series of experiments and analysis and draws a conclusion that through reasonable training, 35 year old is you running career peak. Almost all of the runners aged 31 to 40 have a stable family and career. They need more vigorous physique to achieve their higher ideals. So most people choose long distance running as a means of their training.

A blood people love long run

running is a hot blood movement, then the problem comes again. The four blood types, which are the largest number of entries of the blood, the answer is A, scientific research shows that people with type A blood dexterity and patience is good, especially good at running. The second blood group was type O, with a number of 7822 people, accounting for 26%.

Libra attacks "long run cafe"

twelve in the constellation, it is said that the sports were the most developed is Gemini, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and Libra, in all the entries are the largest number of players, Libra, born in October, contestant number up to 2709 people, accounted for 9%.

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