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Are you injured in the "race"? Teach you 6 ways of running common disease treatment

core tip: there are so many people who choose to run home instead of taking a taxi after work. Instead of tea shopping, they choose to run long distances. They are called the "race". Now more and more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle and joining the ranks of running. So how do you protect our bodies and avoid injuries when you run?

iliac tibial tract friction syndrome (running knee)

iliotibial band friction syndrome appear frequently in the bicycle, and long-distance race athlete, the main reason for the excessive friction of the iliotibial band and lateral epicondyle of femur, causing ligament or bursitis. But at present, more and more people are in love with long-distance running, and it is possible for ordinary people to run into the long run. The clinical manifestation of the ILIB - tibial tract friction syndrome is pain from the lateral thigh to the lateral calf. If there is no abnormal physiological structure (knee), iliotibial band friction syndrome is usually due to running in the accumulation, protrusion or bucket inclined surface, such as sand dunes, the legs slightly bent inward, causing excessive pressure to the iliotibial band stretch of femur; running skill is not correct; the amount of running caused by excessive. In addition, wearing overly worn running shoes on the outside of the heel is also one of the causes of injury.

prevention: at ordinary times, some hip joint abduction muscles stretching training can be done, and iliac tibial bundle relaxation training, such as rolling foam shaft and hip abduction muscle strength training, such as stretching elastic belt with two feet, etc.

patellofemoral pain syndrome

if you encounter such a situation: the feeling of pain around the patella intermittently, feel stiff; sedentary stand feeling knee pain (Cinema knees); up and down the stairs, squat or running will also appear knee pain; giving way. Then you are likely to have patellofemoral pain syndrome. Ou Haining said the pain point of the knee is generally located in the lower part of the knee, but the patient is generally difficult to tell.

prevention: do some strengthening unit four biceps training, such as a wall squat, riding a bicycle, on tiptoe on the direction of tension, knee extensor knees. In addition, for people to go to the gym, ou Haining recommend lower limb femoral head four muscle training cycle. This kind of training has two feet with contacts, and the lower limbs are stable. It can simulate the contact between the feet and the ground very well, and is similar to some running states. It is safer and no damage.

(Tiao Yuexi)
patellar tendinitis
also called jumping knee patella tendinitis, people below the knee in the squat jump at a point when the pain, the flat road is not affected. Chronic patella tendinitis time to pain: pain is not a man who had pain after exercise; people may begin to exercise, exercise pain, fatigue and pain after exercise; people usually exercise there will be pain. Therefore, it is necessary for the "race" to pay attention to them.

prevention: you can do some strands of four - head muscle strength training to avoid jumping too large running posture when running. In Haining, she said she was usually in a cross-country run. released the shoes sales data 2017 1, February statistics, from sales and sales of the list can be seen, January is the highest Nike sales of high-end shoes Kyrie 3 starting color, but the highest sales is Yeezy Boost 350 V2 black and white color.

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