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Data map.

, you don't want to make couch potatoes again. You can see that the body fat rate breaks through the horizon. So you put on your running shoes and start your first long-distance race since 800 meters in school. You almost forget what it feels like to have your legs crossed.

you run 5 kilometers of love does not feel tired, but still to look ideal in the beautiful body and gods to brush ring.

you're a coworker in your colleagues' eyes, but you're still working hard to get a PB in the next game.

has a good career, but the invisible pressure has no place to tell. It can only be soothing at night and night.


no matter what kind of runners you are, you are the one we are looking for.

the equipment you like. The brand you like.

your competition. Your best results.

your compliments and your slots.

all your memories of running.

a year, it is time to make a conclusion and look forward to the future.

love burning will also be the same as in previous years, the image of the Chinese runners will be data.

let us look back on what the big data of last year's runners told us:

you change and progress because of running, and the running industry is different because of your existence.

the survey of Chinese runners needs your participation and sincerely invites you to fill out a questionnaire.

click here or scan the two dimensional code below to enter the questionnaire
questionnaire is a little long, and it takes you about 20 minutes or so.

time is money, we also really prepared 3595 gifts to thank you for your enthusiastic participation. Pinch the finger, the chance of winning the prize is so high!

summed up the prizes:

1. The sunshine prizes (3500 copies per day)

running Bible and Daniels classic running training method are classic works that runners have to read. If you want to read running books, these 2 are enough. Dr. Sheehan him about fitness, running theory and professional knowledge training and competition, the combination of injury prevention, at the same time this book dry cargo and faith coexist, provides a basis for the running, about health and happy life. Dr. Daniels's book provides the most comprehensive and most comprehensible and scientific training that can follow. I believe that those who read the two books can not only run more scientifically, but also understand how running can give your body the power to control your mind and spirit.

we will pick up the lucky readers in the effective questionnaire, and send up 3500 ebooks of the running Bible or the Daniels classic running training method.

> Welfare Donation

Melnie · Chess Holm

sina sports news mentioned "hot girls", the first thing people think about is the wife of Xiao Bei's wife Vitoria. But in fact, there were 5 members of the hot girls group born in the 90s of last century. Vitoria is the "fashionable spicy girl". In addition, there is another girl named "sports Spice Girl" -- she is Melanie ·, Chess and Holm.

was founded in 1994 of the "Spice Girls" is the world's most successful female pop group, the greatest and most far-reaching influence, although the dissolution of more than ten years, but its name is still throughout the world. The girls of that year are over 40 now, but as a sports girl, Mei LaNi ·, Chess and Holm (Mel C) are still keeping good figure and exercise habits in order to distinguish the other girls from Mei Mei Lan · and Brown.

in June 4th, she took part in the "three Blenheim Palace omnipotence" in Oxford, England, 2 years later. It was the first of the three omnipotence games in 2 years, but in previous years she would have participated in some of the 5K highways. Her performance seemed to impress people.

, on the day of June 4th, published her own news on her social media: "this is the first time I have participated in the three all-around competition in 2 years." I was hurt, and I even lost my confidence. But with the support of so many lovely people in my life, I regained my courage to complete the three Almighty! I just did it�� Today I remind myself that 'everything is possible' may be a little optimistic, but our ability is better than we think. It's not a triathlon or a marathon, but it's a great victory, and it's a great day for a little old me! "
42 year old sports hot girl finished the sprint distance race with 1 hours, 41 minutes, 41 minutes and 27 seconds, 750m swimming, 20K bike and 5K run. In fact, since 2011, she has been training for these 3 projects, but it is usually just a running race.

in May 22nd, before participating in the competition, she also expressed support for another 5K competition in the field, and said he was "regretful to miss this year". In the past few years, she has participated in the national lottery run in England.
"crazy Spice Girl" melnie · Brown
but sports hot girls are not the only runners in the spice girls' group. In June 2nd, British media also exposed a group of "crazy Spice Girls" Melanie · Brown's recent running in Losangeles. As you can see from the photos, she has been showing off her late running ability and wearing a weight-bearing sports vest.
"fashionable spice" sister in law, Vitoria
, in addition to the long - watched sister-in-law in Vitoria, the more than 40 - year-old "Spice Girls" are all sports.

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