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now when it comes to fashion a single product, it is absolutely not shoes, NIKE's Air Max, Air Force, Adidas's Stan Smith and Puma Creeper have a large number of fans, of course, there are many brands I will not enumerate, Xiao Bian today I would like to recommend big brother Air Jordan several kinds of shoes.

, we begin with the classic origins of AIR JORDAN I:

Air, Jordan, I, Retro, High, bright orange, black, color, replica, paragraph, the first year of 1984 style design, so there are shoes with NIKE AIR embroidery, rather than Jump Man flying LOGO.

vamp mix full grain leather and cattle nubuck leather, comfortable and durable, and the shoe heel is equipped with a built-in Air-Sole air cushion, to a full damping effect, the shoes also have a pair of small, walking in the street can certainly make enough for your eyes.

is now the official website price 1199, as the first generation of AJ series, is absolutely necessary in the shoe cabinet!
1988, AJ4 was developed to meet the needs of Joe's rapid challenge.

AJ4, the legendary shoe of the AJ series, is now a must-have pair of sneakers for sneakers, so be careful not to find it on the street.

today Xiaobian recommend this engraved version of the Air Jordan 4 Retro black and royal blue color, the color of the collocation is to pay tribute to Michael established the motorcycle team, has its unique significance, the body of the shoe is also used by the side of the ankle support and innovative molding mesh structure design, is more powerful are there Air heel and forefoot collocation for the protection of air cushion, pace is more on a higher level.

, now the official website price 1399, you echocardiography?

in March 18, 2017, not long ago, NIKE AJ official website sold a special color matching engraved paragraph AJ6, which is recommended by small AIR JORDAN 6 RETRO'ALTERNATE'91.
has a special meaning of the color, the color is originally may be available in 1991, it has used the white and red tricolor healthy white golden collocation, to know that AJ6 is doing the first NBA championship when wearing shoes, the shoe bold color design is to commemorate Joe the boss first win glory!

seen dunk master friends may know, AJ6 is actually Yingmuhuadao the first pair of basketball shoes.

is currently priced at 1399, love and love of basketball shoes Joe closer friends is not a chop hand impulse.

finally made a recommendation for AJ6, a personal favorite

for now, the two UA Curry 2 Low are inspired by the colors of the two famous baseball teams in the bay area, the San Francisco giants and the Oakland players, and named Bay Area".

from the shoes, colors, there are feel the cool feeling of the Gulf? UA CURRY 2 LOW "GIANTS"

color: Black / orange / white

release date: April 1st

offer price: $120 UA CURRY 2 LOW "ATHLETICS"

color: Green / yellow / white

release date: April 1st

offer price: $120

Off, the, ground, running, landing, light shadow, running shoes, the Great Wall, experience activities, Lining, shadow, running shoes, just a banana weight

May 21, 2011, Li Ning Co in the Mutianyu Great Wall at the foot of the "Brick-yard" tile factory in Villaggio Boutique Hotel held a "Off the ground run without landing road race events, let participants experience the most comfortable running feeling, experience the wonderful feeling of the feet touch the ground. People in the mountains, lost all the burden in the city, as long as the foot has a pair of Lining "light shadow" running shoes, the body and mind will follow the footsteps of light road. Through this event, people will fall in love with running and fall in love with the feeling of integration with nature and environment.

product manager Mr. Chen Deshun shoes from the Li Ning Co said that running is actually a very healthy, but many people will feel very tired of running, actually running tired or not, have a great relationship with running shoes, running shoes according to the official investigation, the weight of every 1 grams less, while running can be reduced 560 grams per kilometer gravity. And Lining's latest light shadow running shoes in the shoes to achieve the ultimate weight loss, its single weight is only 185 grams, this extreme lightness will help runners better save energy. To achieve this ultimate light, MonoMesh mesh material mainly due to Lining innovation, the MonoMesh mesh is considered to be the perfect material lightweight upper surface, as thin as spinning, thus extremely lightweight. At the same time, it can discharge the heat of the memory of the shoes very quickly, so as to achieve the effect of air permeability.
3 km light shadow running shoes before experiencing warm-up exercises
in addition to help greatly reduce the weight of the surface, in the soles of the side, these light shadow running shoes also have a relatively big breakthrough. The bottom of the light running shoe uses a IP shot that subverts traditional running shoes. The midsole is lighter than the traditional running shoes, not only in weight but also in the midsole. A midsole thickness of 3 centimeters allows the shoes to be well met in shock absorption and comfort, providing greater cushioning. The sole uses 8 sets of midsole modules, which are developed by Li Ning Co, and the outsole designed for ergonomic forces to disperse and reduce the reaction force caused by gravity during running. Lengthening the cushioning pads at the heel makes your landing more stable and provides more cushioning.

in addition, the light shadow running shoes also adopts the soft TPU which resembles the "leaf Meridian" structure as the vamp support to minimize the use of materials and give both feet the necessary support. Process wishful TPU mesh back, the source of power being run at the same time, the possibility of the shoemaking technology professional car line to reduce the foot wear this pair of shoes in the thin air at the same time, to fully meet the needs of professional running.

the official release of Lining "light shadow running shoes", in addition to careful interpretation of the product, there is a major event, that is, up to 3 km of light running shoes experience link. Different from previous competitive running events >

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