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for most of the children, running is a very easy and convenient exercise. Park, the side of the road, the gym, where you can see the "running group" hangchikengchi jogging; open the circle of friends, always see someone in the sun just completed 3 km, 5 km and 10 km or.

(PS: Although the studio group trot hasn't been updated, but we have been adhering to the greasy Oh, the girl, and has lost a circle!)

talks about running, and maybe a lot of people's first reaction will be: isn't that easy? His feet had run on the line?

in fact, not Jiangzi drops. Jogging, it's a great thing! Speak! The! Drop things Oh ~~

here, I want to thank the cut total friendship guidance, without his earnest instructions, I really do not know, there is so much knowledge in running. Thank you, thank you, ~

"running on those things, to say too much, so I divided into several parts to chat with you, I like the" from scratch "series as a recipe book, I began to learn [] series. How to run, from zero?

if you don't have any opinion, let's start with "if you're fit for running," ~~

runs, although it is a good sport for all, but not everyone is fit. How do you know if you are suitable for running? The first thing to do is the body assessment! Love running and for the running of the basin friends, look at the following 3 points, self - proofread ~

body assessment

1, self-health assessment

if you take running as a sport, then the purpose of the exercise must be for health and happiness, right? So the premise must be: is it appropriate to confirm your health in advance?
Generally speaking,
is usually not in good health, such as heart disease, organic disease, chronic disease, knee joint injury or inflammation. It is better not to rush to run, so as not to aggravate the disease.

, our pursuit of health is good, but we must exercise under our own conditions, not to pursue a higher level of health, but also reduce the current level of health.

warm hint

if you are not sure about your health assessment, you can go to the hospital regularly for health checkup. According to the results of physical examination and the evaluation of the hospital, you can easily tell if you are suitable for running.

2, motion plate test

what is a treadmill test? Maybe a lot of people don't know, so let me give you a lot of popular science,

, in fact, is the same as the electrocardiogram, all of which check the heart. But the difference is that we do the electrocardiogram lying on the flat.To celebrate the
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